Saturday, June 29, 2002

Circular No 33

Newsletter for the past alumnae of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 29 of June 2002. Circular No. 33
Dear friends now a few lines on my effort to find Anthony Lucky, this was the exchange:
Hi Ladislao,
I have just realised that I did not reply to the question concerning Anthony Lucky. I do not have his email address, but will try to get it and send it to you.
I was at a conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, year before last, and who should appear but Anthony. I had followed his career in the newspapers for the years intervening, but had not seen him since I was a small boy and he was graduating from Form V. He has had a very distinguished career over the years. He is now on the Court of Appeal, the highest local Court of Trinidad and Tobago. I was very happy to reacquaint myself with him and his wife Cintha.
All the best
Dear Don,
I opened your Judge Lucky´s photo.
Is there a possibility with all the protocol, to send an email to Judge Lucky??? Basically to have him know that there is a Web page and inquire if he would like to get further information. Maybe it would be good in eliminating some of his stress??
Let me know what would be your manner to proceed??.
God Bless
Hi Ladislao,
Anthony Lucky does have an email address and I am sure that he would enjoy reading the newsletters that you circulate. I am forwarding this one to him so that he will get your address and you will have his.
All the best,
Dear Don,
I trust that after seeing this reply Ladislao will erase from memory any thought, their that I am some "fuddy duddy ole judge" who is more fussy than the head of protocol about protocol. (smiles) I have been referred to by many lawyers included by many names, some of them rather uncomplimentary (e.g. "the hanging judge", "judge dread", "of heavy sentences" etc ) but as you are aware a good judge does not consider himself to be in a popularity contest but to be fair and impartial. Most important, my wife and four daughters do agree that I am a "very pleasant person" and their opinions are valued. (smiles).
I look forward to the receipt of the newsletters and any other information.
I left the abbey school in December 1956 and went to Presentation college San Fernando where inter alia I won the Victor Ludorum at the annual sports beating their top sprinters and played cricket and football for the college, they had to find some way to make me "their own" rather than "that boy from the Mount", so de facto I became a "Pres Boy" (smiles). It is good to know that I am not an historical footnote in the annals of "the Mount" or a statistic.
May I take this opportunity to congratulate those who took the giant step to rejuvenate and activate a past students association.
With best wishes,
Continuing the Who is Where, thanks to Roger Henderson:
22. Gerard pampellone is in England
From the above you can see the effort that we make to get into contact with the exalumnae.
If you wish to receive old circulars, include in your reply the circular no. that you are missing and I shall try to send them to you.
Listado: C33.xls
Photos: Judge Anthony Lucky 72 20cm
Office PM72
Shall be sent to ratified addresses this year, please send a line if you have not done so, and shall include photos in your emails.
Column: 020616 wvb Undestanding Trinidad politics

Listado C33.xls

Hoefle, Carlos (RIP)

Hoefle, Gabriel 1967 lk

(212) 762 8512

Holmes, David

Holmes, Frank

Howard, Michael 1960
Daddy long legs Neal and Massy (868) 632 1531,
Howell, Michael

Howell, Millard 1958 roge

Huggins, Robert
Hutton, Benedict 1958 roge

Hutton, Bruce

Hutton, Eden 1959 roge

Hutton, Julien


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