Saturday, June 15, 2002

Circular No 31

Caracas, 15 of June 2002. Circular No. 31
Dear Friends, Alumnae of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict
The following message was received from: Michael Dórnellas
Hello Ladislao,
Thank you for your email and I am pleased you and many of the old boys enjoyed the pictures (season’s play). Thank you for acknowledging the source of the photos, however it was not important to do so. Therefore , there was no need for you to apologize.
I sent you an email some time ago with all my contact numbers, any way I will give you again. Home (868) 673-3452 Work ...(868) 673-3447.
As soon as I have I will photo copy the Mount Inside's that I have in my possession. First I have to find them... that's the big problem.
As I mentioned in a previous email.... I do not have any information on the scout photo I sent you. My memory is BLANK with that one. I will be visiting Fr. Cuthbert soon and I should get some info from him . If I do, I will put together an article for you. Actually, I visited the Mount on Easter Saturday in the hope of meeting Fr. Cuthbert. Unfortunately, I met no one. I may return to day.
Kurt Allen, better known as 'Puggy ', phoned me about two weeks ago. He is planning a OLD BOYS REUNION at the ABBEY SCHOOL some time this year. We will notify the old boys via phone, email, fax and the daily newspapers. As soon as I receive more details I will forward the information to you. Unfortunately, I do not have any contact numbers for Kurt. During our last phone conversation he promised to call me at home the same night ......... would you believe my phone went dead...... Kurt may have called ..... So now I have to wait until he calls me to get the contact info.
The first circular I received from you was circular # 9 and I have received everyone ever since. My favourite was the article on Fr. Benedict 'Voosh' by Nigel Boos. I enjoyed it immensely. Nigel captured Fr. Benedict perfectly.
When will the Abbey web site be completed? (it evolving every month)
I am going to be very busy with my work for about 3 more months. Once I have sometime to myself, I will assist with some articles and information.
I would like to personally thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to get your circulars out to us and for just keeping us all together.
I have to close now....
Michael Dórnellas
Please look at a recent photo of Michael and son.
I have included this belatedly message because I am trying to change the format a bit by letting you write your impressions on the circular, events form memory and your visits to the Mount, those that live in TT. I hope Michael does not mind my using his lines.
I have additional messages for you, alumnae, that I shall publish in the next few weeks. Meanwhile I am preparing something that you might like, on personal experiences.
Continuing the Who is Where, thanks to Roger Henderson:
20. Fr. Olliviere is in Trinidad. Went to one of his masses the other day
God Bless
Listado: C31.xls
Photos: Dad_mat dornellas 020228
Igleasia St.Pauls San Fernando
Shall be sent to ratified addresses this year, please send a line if you have not done so, and shall include photos in your emails.
Column: 020526 wvb On reading


Listado C31.xls

Names Form V Contact Nickname Business address Business phone e-mail

Gregory, Fr. OSB, Religion teacher lk

Gregory, J

Grossmann, Ladislao

Guerra, Omar
Maracaibo, Venezuela (261) 792 7838, 752 2629, 752 2629
Guildner, Harry

Gurley, Denis

Dennis TT, Attorney at law (868) 623 4283 Fax 625 2984 623 4281
Hares, Eddie J.
boos Eddie TT

Henderson, Christopher 1958 roger

Henderson, Gary

Henderson, Hugh 1956 roger
Henderson, Roger 1960

Scotia Bank (868) 625 3566 ext.2214
Henderson, Stuart 1963 roger Cush TT

Henderson, Wayne

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