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Circular No 29

Caracas, 2 of June 2002. Circular No. 29

Dear Friends,
You read last week an article by Anthony Milne on the “Abbey library needs help”.
Now it is my time to get hold of your attention, get hold of your chair!!! I am going to rival the Trinidad Express´s journalist. Watch out Pulitzer!! An engineer is about to???
You might not believe me but I never saw this library, it has taken me 40+ years to find this out, can anyone help me to locate it??? Where was it in (1960) or is in (2002) the Library must be big??? Since there is only one computer at the Mount, then this is where it is located, because to track all the books, it is a big job. I wonder if Don Mitchell saw it in his last visit?
The only library that I knew for good or bad was on the first floor of the school, situated over the driveway. This library was below the washroom of the dorms.
Why I say bad or good, notice that I changed the order!!! It was because when we reached Form I we were required to read one book per month, if not we were penalized.
This was the bad part as many of us, strike out the bookworms, did not like to read and saw this as a punishment.
At the beginning a lot of us just borrowed and returned the book, just formalism, until Fr. Bernard asked part of the contents, he always knew the contents of all the books of the library, so we were admonished and this time you had to start the reading and of course finish it or be prepared for a poor English mark.
So you could not just borrow a book and return it at the end of the month, but you had to read it. I do not know if we invented speed reading, the Kennedys made it popular in the 1960s, but nobody mentioned us.
The Guns of Navarone?? H.M.S.Ulysses?? Any one remembers??? Maybe I did not write the title as it should be, but at least I remember two of the books that I read, of course no memory of the author, H.M.S. Ulysses had a blue cover?? By the way the Guns of Navarone was a good movie later on!! Anthony Quinn and the lot. Was there a movie on the other book???
The good part was that it gave us the knowledge that we have used in reaching our objectives, thanks to Fr. Bernard´s and Fr. Gerome´s insistence, we became what we are as this helped our education.
As a challenge I am going to make a trip to Trinidad and find this library, never is too late. Maybe I am going to ask Anthony Milne??? I am sure he did a lot of research on it!!
This trip is going to be around August, September, maybe two weeks before classes officially start at the island.
I need your help with this trip, to be able to gather sufficient information for circular No. 40 and on!!!! Just look at the number on this circular and you can safely bet on No. 52 sometime in November.
Continuing the Who is Where, thanks to Roger Henderson:
18. Anthony Lucky is a judge of the High Court in Trinidad
For those that would like to contact me here I include my telephones:
Telf.Office: 58 (212) 263.5346, 267.2416, From: 11:00GMT to 22:00GMT
FAX: 58 (212) 261.0829,
Home: 58 (212) 238.4084. From: 00:00 GMT to 04:00 GMT
Cellphone: 58 (416) 612.5696
ICQ# 158597413
Remember that Venezuela’s time is the same as Trinidad’s, -04:00 GMT.
God Bless
Photo: Fr.Cuthbert 010504
Photo: Furness and Whithy
Listado: C29.xls
The photos shall be sent to those that have ratified their addresses this year, please send a line if you have not done so, and shall include photos in your emails.

Listado C29.xls

Names Form V Contact nicknames business address business phone e-mail
Gomes, Bernard

Gomes, G.B.

Gomes, Ian

Gomes, Jerome
boos Jerry Guyana o Florida
Gomes, Marcel 1958 maurice

Gomes, Nigel

Gomes, Osmond

Gomes, Pat

Gomes, Vitalis Dr.

Gomez, Fransisco

Gomez, Michael (RIP) roge


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