Saturday, June 22, 2002

Circular No 32

Caracas, 22 of June 2002. Circular No. 32
Dear Friends,

The following messages were received from: Michael D´ornellas and Robert Lee:
Hi Ladislao,

I got this email from one of my classmates, Robert Lee, who is currently living in Canada. It gives some insight on what he and his family are doing.
Do you have him on your mailing list? He mentions an Abbey website below.
Take Care & God Bless
'Specs '

Wow! Those photos are really a flash from the past. My memory is also fading because I cannot remember all the names. I recognize the faces but I cannot put a name to all. If you see Allan again tell him his e-mail address is bouncing back. Perhaps, I have an incorrect e-mail. How is your son doing in Canada? You were going to put him in touch with me.
I was elected to the education committee of Factors Chain International last week. I will be able to travel to Europe 4 times during the year and at least once to the Orient. The committee of four has a mandate to write 2 manuals this year. One is on running a finance company in the early stages and another on dispute prevention. This should be fun with a Brit, Turk and a Czech on the committee.
PJ my actor son finally got his mug on the silver screen for a couple of seconds in the opening scenes of Denzell Washington movie, John Q. He recently did a solo commercial with a speaking role for "String Cheese" on YTV.
Baseball season is fast approaching.

Robert Lee

PS. Tony did a fabulous job with the Mount web-site!
Continuing the Who is Where, thanks to Roger Henderson:
21. David Pampellone has his own business in Trinidad
I have just received the Venezuelan Boys list from the 1970s, and the msb listing is hitting the 750 mark. I have been contacting some of the boys using the phone book and hope to have some information of the 1970 era.
What I find interesting is that outside Judge Lucky and Ian Smart, the alumnae of the 1942 to 1957 are lost. There are no photos and neither names! I would like you to comment on this. Every member of the 1960 graduating class has been found and we are in contact, but where are the other classes??

There is a lack of news on scouting activity, I cannot believe that this activity did not leave a mark on its members. How about the yearly trek to the North coast, for those wanting the badge, maybe someone can tell me the badge´s name??
Who were the Queen´s Scouts??? What did they do?? I cannot believe that all of you threw the badges away as something without value!!! What about the structures that were build for the annual competition??? Against whom??
I can write about the scouts as I saw them from the outside but that is not fair, I cannot conceive that the continuous practice, flag waving, construction, cooking delicious chicken, making dozens of knots, memorizing booklets, wonderful camping, sightseeing trips by WV bus, taking the oath and Fr. Ildefons tutoring, did not make a story.
I still have my Lifesaving medallion and cross and buy badges for both, for use in my bathing suit??? when they get old!! it helps to create conversation with children and friends.
In the attached photo your friends Matias Fedak (Scout??), myself, Pepe Braggio.
God Bless

Listado: C32.xls
Photos: myp2 150cm
3 National museum tt
Shall be sent to ratified addresses this year, please send a line if you have not done so, and shall include photos in your emails.
Column: 020622 perchance to dream


Listado C32.xls
Names Form V Contact Nickname business address Phone, e-mail
Henriquez, Jose Antonio

Herman, Hans

Hernandez, Arnaldo Montero

Herrera, Allan

Herrera, Geoffrey

Herrera, Hamish

Herrera, Michael 1960

Guardian Life (868) 632 4781
Hewitson, Robert

Hing King, A

Hive, Ralph 1958 maurice

Ho, Howard
roge orenellas

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