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Circular No 30

Newsletter for the alumnae of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 8 of June 2002. Circular No. 30
Dear Friends,
The following message was received from: Richard de Verteuil:
You are doing a sterling job, Ladislao, keep it up. I was at the Mount in 1949, 50 and 51 and well remember the priests you talk about. I often wonder what happened to some of the lay masters like Mr. Achong. My favourite teacher was Fr. Peter, whose favourite expression was, "Ya now, boys, be good ". He taught French and was a very gentle and soft spoken priest.
I also remember Fr. Chrys in whose dorm I spent a couple of years. He was a tyrant and a bully as I recall. Liked nothing better than making the boys kneel down for hours on end and confiscating marbles whenever he got a bit short. He had a large sweet jar in which he kept them. He was a prolific marbles player and made up the rules as he went along! I remember some 50 and 100 kiao(!) games he played, using a ball bearing instead of a marble. That was so it was more difficult to 'farts'! I must say though that he was quite accurate.
I also remember tops season. I once had a purple heart top which my Dad had turned for me in the company’s machine shop. It was a wickedly heavy device and I had to blunt the nail on which it spun to prevent it from boring through my hand as I carried it along spinning. Unfortunately I do not have any photographs of Mount. I wish I had now. It was not until about three years later that I took up the hobby and used to do all my own processing at my next school, Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, England. There I had a good friend in the Jesuit who was the school photographer and he let me use the darkroom. I continued for many years until colour slides became too much of a bother and then I took up other hobbies.
Must dash.
Cheers for now,
Richard de Verteuil (Roger Henderson is my cousin! - if he is from Pointe a Pierre)
Continuing the Who is Where, thanks to Roger Henderson:
19. Lawrence MacCauley is in Trinidad
I am glad that some of you are writing these long remembrances, I appreciate those that write longer than I do. I have made up a rule for me to follow, if the writing is one page long then it is enough. Since this paragraph completes the page, I must go and must keep you in suspense until next week when our guest will be…………???
God Bless
Listado: C30.xls
Photos: Brother vincent1
The photos are sent to those that have ratified their addresses this year, please send a line if you have not done so, and I shall include photos in your emails.
Column: 020512 wvb what common cold
Listado C30.xls

Names Form V Contact Nickname business address Phone e-mail
Gonsalves, Anthony (RIP)

Gonsalves, Brent 1962 lk

Gonsalves, Chistopher

Gonsalves, Graham 1960 lk
Gonsalves, Uson (RIP)

Gonzales, Anthony (RIP)
alex de monkey toenail

Gonzales, Bernard 1950


Gonzales, Brian


Gorinski, Peter
alex de BG boy

Gransaull, Jeffrey 1962 roger
Capt. BWIA

Gransaull, Richard 1960 boos Muscle Toe left in 1959


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