Saturday, January 26, 2002

Circular No 11

Caracas, 26 January 2002. Circular No.11
Dear Friends,

I have been getting responses as to the contents of the circulars, I appreciate all comments.

I have had another brainstorming idea, but this time to put others to work!!!!. Since we were about 23 counted for in our class, minus one, and minus two (not found) then for a total of 20, dividing the 52 weeks of the year by 20 = 2.6. I would like to ask each of us to write TWO circulars per year. Who is going to take up the challenge???

There is comment that the circulars should have old time stories and material to cover our stay at the Mount. But how can I write for the experience of the others??? You must remember that our class was made up by at least by three groups of interest, or what ever can it be called. Those that spent their time in the old boys room, those that gathered with others in the backyard of the school, near the tennis practice board, and those that spent time with younger schoolmates playing sports, games, hobbies and the MUST, reading a book per month. I can write for the last but not for the first two, I was no scout, did not official handcraft or what ever it was called, but did sports, running, javelin, discus, some swimming and tennis all at the playfield.
Another of a regular event that happened at the Mount: In this one I wanted to recall our everyday going to Mass. What can I say, this can be called a routine but for some it might recall happiness but for the majority it was no fun. The prefects had to keep their charge awake, no head was allowed to touch the bench top and the kneeling had to be straight, no backside was allowed to touch the seat. In my case I was one of those that preferred study to Mass. From Prep A to Form III we were placed in a routine of going to Mass as soon as we woke up, before breakfast. The Mass lasted exactly 37 minutes!!! joking, but there were favourite priests who took about 30 minutes and those not so favourite that took 45 minutes. No matter, those with a watch always found that the time crawled. Naturally I am talking as a personal experience and the looks on the faces of those that kneeled around my location. Piece of wood plank was the surface for kneeling not the soft kneeling stools of nowadays. But I enjoyed the Latin of them days to the local language and the Gregorian singing to the rock and whatever that is done today.
Here I am continuing the who is who, thanks to Roger Henderson:

3.Richard Anderson - has his own gardening service business in Orlando. Works for some big names in golf and tennis such as Pete Sampras and Ernie Els.
Inquiries: Bernard, were there any other of the Stone´s clan at msb?? Do you have the Form V graduation years??

God Bless

Listado: C11.xls
Photo: PEDRO CASTRO 2001
Article: Msb 12 6407 mount inside
Column: wvb 020120 THE NATURE LOVER
PS. I am sorry for this lengthy circular but I do not keep a word count!!!.
I try to keep as a limit one 8.5" x 11" page.

Listado: c11.xls

Names Form V Contact Nickname Business address business phone e-mail home address Phone
Bain, David

Barcant, R

Basanta, David

Basil, Michael

Bayne, A

Bede, Theunissen Fr. OSB, Prior lk

Beharry, Deolal

Benarroch, Alfredo 1967 pablo

416 682 2020
Benarroch, Gustavo 1967 pablo

Benedict, Fr. OSB, teacher lk


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