Saturday, February 02, 2002

Circular No 12

Caracas, 2 February 2002. Circular No. 12
Dear Friends,
You must have though that I passed away!! No luck, here is the circular!!
How are you faithful oldboys!!! Again for the weekly circular written and made with the intention of cluttering your e.mail box.!!!!
By now you I am sure are expecting news on the WEB page, I am!!!. I have hopes that one of us takes up the challenge I set forward in my last circular. I am sure Richard Galt is working on a borrador for circular No. ??
We started our monthly get together, dinner with the 1958 old boys, and the second group of younger guys, 1960 and friends.
I know you are keeping up with the Venezuelan news and how our president is going to revolutionize the country, so I am not writing about it, of course if any of you want private information I shall be glad to oblige personally. Sometimes I shall include local photos.
Does anyone have the address of Richard Anderson in Florida??? Matias Fedak would like to contact him.
Another of a irregular event that happened at the Mount: From Christopher Knowles (1960).

(looking at our class photo and the fence)

Lighting once struck one of the metal posts of that fence. We were in the Study Hall, aka Form One classroom, which is about twenty metres (in those days it was not at about twenty meters but at twenty five yards), or so away from the fence and up one floor. The noise was a terrific crack, and every hair on my head and arm stood up. (There was a great echo as we started to shout and tired to find out where the lighting stuck, maybe to see a great ball of fire??? This parenthesis is my addition to the original paragraph. Ed).
Here I am continuing the who is who, thanks to Roger Henderson:
4. Steven Anderson works in Real Estate in Trinidad
This circular is going to Fr. Augustine, Fr. Benedict and Fr. Cuthbert at the Mount so if you need or have information please write them or me (to include it in a future circular) feel free to write. I am sure that they would enjoy news from you.
God Bless
Listado: C12.xls
Photo: farcheg11 school
Article: Msb 15 6407 mount inside
Column: wvb the toco band

C12 exp 020202
Names Form V Contact nicknames business address business phone e-mail
Bettencourt-Gomes, Clive boos
Naranjo, Costa Rica

Blanc, Alan

Blanc, Norris

Blanc, Sonny

Blandin, Joel (RIP) 1963

Blandin, Pierre 1959

Boddington, Robert 1958 maurice Skull

Boos, Anthony

Boos, John

Boos, Nigel 1960

Boos, Peter 1957

Chartered Architect
Boos, S

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