Saturday, February 16, 2002

Circular No 14

Caracas, 16 February 2002. Circular No. 14
Dear Friends,
How did you like last week’s circular No. 13??? Surprised!!! Wait and I am sure you would be surprised at the next writer, to be sent as circular No. 15.
Now some good news for class 1960. Gabby has spoken to Yuyu on the phone two weeks ago when Louis was in St.Lucia? I have done so myself on the 9th, when I called his home and was answered in French but thanks to lesson 1 and 2 that we received at the Mount the connection was successful. He was surprised at being called by his nickname and told me about Gabby and informed me that his computer is down but now I am sure he is going to repair it, maybe by now it is ready, I have not checked the Web for the news but for those that have not done so by now, I can testify that he is very well and he commented that two years ago he left regular work and is doing what must of us would like to be doing, fishing!! in the balm Caribbean.
(With pretty girls all around his boat!!! lots of Vat 69 or whatever rum they have in Guadaloupe) (the parenthesis are my comments. Ed.)
Friends remember that I need the e-mail address of your personal msb friends so that I may send them this circular.!!!
Also if you would like to find a long lost friend, specially here in Venezuela I would be glad to help.
Another event that happened at the Mount:

Those in the big boys dorm must remember their rooms, most of us got there in Form IV, and were given the inner rows and when moved to Form V we finally got a window and could control the fresh air?? I had a window on the North side when there was a move to redecorate the cubicle, each of us was asked to choose a colour form a book, I chose mine which was finally painted a pastel brown. I remember that one of the cubicles was red?? But I do not remember whose cubicle it was, except that the room looked to the South. All this happened under Fr. Eugene´s reign (terrorific, please raise a hand those that think it was so)??

Here I am continuing the who is who, thanks to Roger Henderson, By the way I lost contact with Nylon two weeks ago. Maybe someone can help??
5. Joe Azar is a multi millionaire, currently in Portland Oregon. (Baby joe´s sent the information of his whereabouts).
(Gabby maybe you can call him, there are several Azar´s in Portland, Oregon.)
God Bless
Listado: C14.xls
Photo: msb monastery a 020107dan
Article: Msb 16 6407 mount inside
Column: 020210 wvb the toco band II
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Listado c14 exp 020216
Names Form V Contact nickname business address business phone e-mail
Boyack, Malcolm
TT construction

Boyd, Donald

Braggio, Giuseppe 1960
Pepe Gas Supply
472 6324

Bratt, David Dr.
TT Pediatrician

Brown, Wayne Vincent 1960 lk
Brunton, Anselm

Camacho, Jeffrey

Camp-Campins, John

Cantore, Furvio
Anaco, Venezuela

Cantore, Oscar
Anaco, Venezuela

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