Saturday, January 19, 2002

Circular No 10

Caracas, 19 January 2002. Circular No.10
Dear Friends,

This was a rough week for the new comers, remember that school year started in January in our times. Getting the books, notebooks etc. classroom assignment. Sometimes if there was no pre assigned listing, for the DESK!!!. The window seat. Those front seats being important to a special group and those back seats to the more leisure group, in the middle those that were not too keen to be in the sight of the teacher and because there were no more back seats. The meeting of old friend and finding out who were the new ones and those that did not make it (the whys and where they when) rumours, then the talk of the holidays, trips, etc. Of course those that had to take an airplane to get to the school had a more agitated time not because of the trip but because you did not want to forget anything, clothe, sweets, presents, toys, new pens (ball point).

Here I am continuing the who is who, thanks to Roger Henderson:

3. Richard Anderson - has his own gardening service business in Orlando. Works for some big names in golf and tennis such as Pete Sampras and Ernie Els.

God Bless

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Listado C10exp 020119

Names Form V Contact nickname business address Phone e-mail

Assam, M

Atela, Azier 1958 maurice spaceman Proyects (212) 993 6549

Augustine, Fr. OSB, teacher lk

Austin, Ken Dr.

Azar Joseph 1958 roger joe
(868) 628 6650

Azar Michael

Portland, OR

Azar Robert
telf Baby joe ellerslie Plaza shop 11 Maraval (868) 628 1350 no e-mail

Azar, Jimmy 1962
Little Joe

Bahadoorsingen, Sandy

costa rica

Baichoo, Egan 1960

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