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Circular No 9

Caracas, 12 January 2002. Circular No. 9
Dear Friends,

Remember, those with check books, it is 2002!!!. Those who do not write checks, no problem, cash is accepted everywhere and the date is not a matter of importance except those going to or in Europe. Those with no cash in/out of the bank should not bother with the above warning???

This time I am going to try to recall one of the yearly event that happened at the Mount, I recall the large grasshoppers that arrived yearly, these were green coloured with orange, size of a hand. We used to kick them and run to avoid being jumped. I always found them rather disgusting specially since we never knew where they would land. There were those that would try to hold them by the hind legs and in the process get cut with the sharp leg barbs. It is interesting that they would arrive by nightfall and next day disappear, I suppose they looked for the lights. The invasion lasted about three days.

We have nearly 400 names in the roster but only 10% have graduation dates, I am sure that after so many years we do not remember who sat next to us? Least who were our classmates. To help these in doubt please send the graduation date of those that you know, it helps those that are not too sure. Please send the information to Jon Golding,
for inclusion in the listing.
Here I am continuing the who is who, thanks to Roger Henderson:

2. Roger Ames - has done very well for himself in the music industry. Now
very wealthy. Lives in New York and is the head of Time Warner's music

God Bless

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Photo: jon golding ny
Article: Msb 11 6407 mount inside
Column: msb R. Ames Chairman

Interview with Roger Ames, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Warner Music Group.

Combine worldwide superstars like Madonna, R.E.M. and The Corrs with a commitment to developing digital and interactive music distribution, and you have a music company fit for the future. This combination is today's Warner Music Group, a company poised to participate in the digital revolution of the music industry. Roger Ames is leading Warner Music Group's global turnaround. As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, he oversees the company's growth and expansion while continuing to develop Atlantic, Elektra, Rhino, London-Sire, Warner Bros. records and their affiliated labels as well as the worldwide network of affiliates and labels belonging to Warner Music International. Ames is a widely respected industry veteran who joined WMG from Polygram, where he cultivated extensive artist and repertoire experience.

What led you to a career in the music industry?
I grew up in Trinidad where my father owned a general store where records were sold. I was a big music fan from an early age. After graduating from university, I landed a job in EMI's
international department. After a few years there I moved over to the A&R department. Twenty years ago I left EMI and went to PolyGram where I spent the next 18 years before coming to the Warner Music Group. I've spent my entire adult life and career in the music industry.

What is the MusicNet joint venture?
MusicNet is an online subscription platform we created as a joint venture with Bertelsmann, EMI and RealNetworks. Its first distribution partners are AOL and Real. MusicNet is really a
business-to-business application service provider that combines a technology infrastructure with music content provided non-exclusively by the three music companies involved. So
because it has both the technological infrastructure and the content, MusicNet offers a sort of one-stop shopping to a third party that wants to market a music-subscription service.

And is it proof that digital downloading is now a major piece of
music distribution?
MusicNet will offer both streaming and downloading of music. While legitimate digital distribution is still in its infancy, there is undoubtedly enormous potential for this market. Through MusicNet and other online initiatives, we will be able to introduce
our artists' music to a broader audience.

Post-EMI, what are your plans for growing WMG's business?
Our growth strategy for the Music Group is based on several key goals: re-energizing our U.S. A&R; strengthening the local repertoire outside the U.S.; reducing the company's cost
structure; generating revenue from new digital formats and license arrangements; and, finally, working closely with various promotional outlets, including AOL Time Warner divisions, to
market our artists and their music. While this will be a year of transition for the Music Group, things are already improving. For example, almost every week for the past two months, we've had an album debuting in the Top 10 ofthe Billboard 200 best-selling album chart. And the release schedule for the remainder of the year is strong.

In a recent interview, you were quoted as saying "size isn't everything." What is everything to WMG?
What I meant by that was that market share numbers don't tell the whole story. Market share doesn't necessarily mean profitability. Our primary focus is on developing first-rate artists and building on this company's long history as an artist-friendly creative enterprise. As an AOL Time Warner company, we are in a position to offer artists enormous promotional opportunities
across numerous platforms.

What are the specific strengths AOL brings to the music group? And what does WMG bring to AOL?
In AOL we have a promotional partner with enviable breadth and reach. However, this merger not only brings us together with the most successful online service in the world, but also gives us
access to AOL's expertise with respect to marketing directly to the consumer. Furthermore, we can use our relationship with AOL as an attractive force when signing both creative and executive talent. Similarly, WMG also has the ability to assist in the development of AOL's music initiatives by offering our vast resources and expertise as a music company. The Music Group is the most global of all AOLTW divisions. Therefore, by having a presence through wholly-owned companies and licensees in more than 70 countries outside the U.S., the Music Group will be a valuable resource as AOL and other AOLTW divisions seek to grow their
businesses overseas. So it's a win-win situation.

How does the music group interact with AOL Music?
The Music Group has had a long relationship with AOL. Prior to the close of the merger, we had worked together on a series of enormously successful promotional efforts with artists including
matchbox twenty and Madonna. Now we meet with AOL regularly to come up with innovative ways to offer AOL members music from some of the world's leading artists, while offering our artists access to the service's wide audience.

What is the next big challenge for WMG internationally?
I think the biggest challenge for the company internationally is strengthening each territory's presence by developing more local artists. Traditionally, much of this company's success outside the U.S. has come from exporting superstars. The greatest growth for this industry will happen outside of this country. Therefore, we are enhancing our international companies so they can devote more resources to signing local artists and turning them into the global superstars.
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Ames, David

Ames, Geoffrey
roger Big head

Ames, Michael 1957 jon Cork TT oil

Ames, Peter
roger Bunny

Ames, Roger 1958 roger Sausage Times Warner, NY

Anderson, Gerald
boos Jinx

Anderson, Richard

Anderson, Steven A.
TT real estate

Arrindell, Robert
roger Fowl

Arrinega, Denesh Dr.



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