Saturday, January 05, 2002

Circular No 8

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. Caracas, 5 January 2002. Circular No.8
Dear Friends,

I hope all of you survived all the wine and dancing and the holidays and are ready for this New Year.

I shall try out an idea, brainstorming one, do a Who is Who and Where for the msb crowd. I shall do the compiling while someone takes over. This Who is Who does not compete as would be used in the circulars only, but is complementary as it can be as long as you wish but need not to be sent in by the oldboy whose data is displayed. The reason for this is because I have noticed that some of the oldboys are not too keen in writing up a resume, while a friend of his with a mighty feather, (his mighty finger??? to be in tune with times), might give a clue which is interesting to all.

Thank you for your support sending in new names for the msb old boys list. I am including part of the list, thank you for your diligence. 70% of the list came from Nigel Boos who took it from Arthur Kraggs who published a pamphlet called OASIS Overseas Abbey School Interested Students, years ago with the same intentions as our internet multilog, (is this correct???), dialog does not seem right, I have to ask Wayne Brown!!!.

Feel free to use, erase, add, etc to the list, you can then send the corrections to the web or me. Remember that for all for whom I have the e-mail address shall receive the circulars, to promote our page or the geocities page in making.

Who is Who: (thanks to Roger)

1. Michael Ames - works in Trinidad as a consultant in the oil business. His son Stephen is a professional golfer on the PGA, doing quite well.

God Bless

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