Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Notes for "Mount Boys" Visiting this Blog

1. Total Circulars: There were 53 Circulars issued by Ladislao in the year 2002. No 8 was the first, and No 60 was the last.

2. Viewing Circulars: Click on on the arrow next to the month in Archives in the column on the right to see the ones for that month. You can read each of the earlier ones, together with any comments posted by readers, by clicking on its headline in Archives. You are, of course, free to download the Circulars to your computer for reading at your leisure.

3. Copying Photos: You can save any photo to your own computer by right-clicking on it, and saving it to a suitable folder in your computer. Or, you go to the "file" button in the top left hand corner of your screen, and go to "save as" to do the same thing.

4. Making Comments: At the foot of each Circular there is a place for you to be able to make a "Comment" on the contents. If you recognise a face in a photo, or something similar, that you want to write about, just click on "comments" at the foot of the appropriate Circular and enter your remarks in the window that opens. In order to prevent strangers from posting nonsense and spam, I have set it so that I have to moderate and publish the comments. Anyone who would like to join as a moderator is welcome.  [Note:  I have now disabled this feature in the earlier Circulars, due to the amount of spam I was having to filter out every day.  I have retained it for the most current couple of years.]

Happy Reading.


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