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Circular No 58

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 21 of December 2002. Circular No. 58
Dear Friends, a couple of lines from the Circular Santa, OOOOOO!

Like last year I want to use this circular to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, envious of those that can, wishing them a white Christmas and those that have snow, slow down when driving. This reminds me of the time I was in Washington D.C. at the Catholic University, which is just in the borderline for any serious snow activity, how I waited for some of the white fluffs (movie type, big as a fist), especially during my first year. When snow arrived, the horizon was misty white, the air was still and I was happy even if these fluffs were rice sized. When they hit ground they melted fast, with it my illusion, at least momentary, for as a saying reads, a lot of grain make a mountain?
Last year I mentioned Graham Gonsalves who sent a FW on Nativity in TT, I had hoped that this year he would have contributed some so that I could include it in this circular.
Now backing up a couple, two figure, years. I can remember the pre Christmas moments at the Mount, everybody was talking about the Xmas holidays ( was it because of the illusion of presents?) and the impending school year end. The future trip home, away from jail, as we prepared to travel home to meet our families. Those that did not travel far it was a vacation with festivities and beach, and those, especially those that had to travel by air, there was the excitement of the gifts that were bought on one or more Wednesdays when we were allowed to travel to Pos and shop. The first stop was at George Habib´s store by Marine Square, then make the bags, load the green Bedford flat bed truck and the VW buses and go to the airport for the flight. The excitement of seeing our parents and family (freedom) at the end of the trip. Make up a lot of excuses for those of us for the poor qualifications and notes from Fr. Bernard.
I am including this new circular earlier than usual, to celebrate Xmas, I know all of you are busy playing Santa, with or without red robe and white hair and beard, pouch or not. The white hair, beard and all if not in evidence, shall be with us in a few more years ??
Here in Caracas we are not lucky to celebrate the holidays with snow and all the cold, but to emulate you snow bound folks, I bought a real West Virginian pine tree, the smell is here!. This manner of seeing things puts a question in my mind as I suppose that those that have to deal with installing chain on the tires, shovelling snow in the morning, keeping the grand children dressed up for the cold, etc. would prefer the tropics while we would like to see some snow and the accompanying cold for at least a few days, just for the taste. I presume that is why those in the cold and have the means, migrate to Florida and we tend to go North.

I have a special message for the following classmates from my Class 1960:
I have been asked by some of the oldboys that have known you during or stay at MSB, on your whereabouts and general information, I have not been able to satisfy the inquiries because of the silence, so if you can send a few lines they would be appreciated by all of us and by me specially.
Can anyone relay this to them I would appreciate it very much:

Richard Galt, Christopher Webster, James Seheult, David Pampellone, Egan Baichoo

All of us hopefully would make it to the 31th, if the children and grand children help us, after the big day!! (see the gif image I am sending of the typical granpa) The step from the 31st to the year 2003, I am sure is going to be easy and smooth as silk. Of course if we do not try to eat (or swallow) a grape per bell stroke at midnight as some traditions demand.
Date : Mon, 20 May 2002 08:16:25 -0500
Phillip DE Pass wrote

Michael De Verteuil is a very good friend. Unfortunately his dad died on Wednesday last. He was a top class man. Michael is the rector of the seminary among other things.
Bishop Charles is in Grenada and Bishop Mendes is the auxiliary bishop of Trinidad
Send me your mailing address and I will send some more info on same.
If I had stayed at The Abbey I would have been in Form V in 64.
Good to hear from you.
Many Thanks
I am sorry tell that I have lost touch with Philip as his email address cannot receive the Circulars, maybe some of you can telephone him my best wishes. If anyone meets Fr. Michael De Verteuil, Bishop Charles and Mendes, again give them my Christmas greetings.

I can mention that I have made contact with Richard Driver who left in Mount 1949 in Form I and would have graduated in 1953, maybe Leary O’Connor would remember him??

This circular would commemorate the 42 year since our class graduated from Form V in 1960.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and as a gift, that some of us would be able to meet and in some cases talk by telephone and share past friendships.

God Bless

Listado: C58.xls
Photos: familia 01 Kertesz
carrito jugete ani
xtree 16
Column: WVB I have not received your column, sorry. Maybe we should try my way??
Column: David Bratt, No.88


Listado C58.xls

Names Form V Contact Nickname business address Phone, e-mail
Prypchan, George Roman

Pugh, John (RIP)


Quesnel, Paul
12-14 castro st. chaguaramasTT (868) 673 3447
Quesnel, Peter


Raffensperger, Fransisco 1963 lk hugi YV


Ramos, Miguel Becar

Raydan, Guillermo

Reid, Arthur (RIP)
roger Fido

Rezende, Michael
TT Pilot
Rezende, Patrick


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