Saturday, March 30, 2002

Circular No 20

Caracas, 30 of March 2002. Circular No.20
Dear Friends,

Before all let me apologize to Michael D´Ornellas for not mention his catalytic part in my circular, No. 18. He has kindly given us access to the nice photos used.
Here is another account of the “A Man of all Seasons”, by Rafael Echeverria:
Yes Ladislao !!! Thank you for the photograph which I'll treasure ... I had seen this photo .. but time and distance does it job ... I had lost it !!!
I was thrilled to see the photo again and remember some Mount faces ... I particularly remember Richard Clerk, a great individual ... Michael Azar .. a great guy !!! .. tough and generous ! .. Don Mitchell .. he was always "cool" ... Michael de Verteuil, always a true gentleman !!! ... and yes I remember King Henry VIII .. played by the Paul Zeven .. the Dutch blond haired guy .... I remember Baby Joe in his character of "The Common Man" .. he was just great ...among the girls the oriental girl Myling Achong .. . she performed great acting as "Margaret" .. Thomas Moore's daughter ... I still remember her lines regarding the confrontation with her Father ...Sir Thomas would not surrender to the approval of King Henry's divorce and follow "his Church" and renounce to his Catholic Faith ... Margaret was making a great effort to save his Father from his own "stubbornness". One of the most dramatic scenes from the play.
The Second Photograph is also a very important scene .. I remember .. I think it was the moment Sir Thomas is submitted to trial ... and condemned ... The Common Man (Baby Joe) reads the Death Sentence ....
I played the Spanish Ambassador (Signor Chapüìs) and my "assistant" (he always walked two steps behind me on stage) ... his name was Norman Smith .. he was from Cali, Colombia, but his father was an American...
I remember well "my heated discussion" with Chancellor Cromwell (Michael Azar) in the presence of Richard Clerk (I don't remember his part .. but he was an excellent person .. a great sportsman .. a good soccer player and a good friend). Signor Chapüìs was desperately trying to save Sir Thomas´s life through diplomatic efforts from the Spanish Queen ... My last line in the play .. after I left King Henry's Palace and holding an audience with Cromwell was "... This man is utterly unreliable !!!" ... and everybody laughed in the audience .. I was supposed (by instructions from Brother Oswald) ... to "stress" my Spanish accent even more ... as I left the stage in my last appearance.
I remember Don Mitchell (although we were not that close in Mount.) He was a good guy. He played a great role as The Duke of Norfolk. I believe he was chosen because he was always so naturally "distinguished".. Please Ladislao .. send my BEST REGARDS to all my fellow actors in "A Man For All Seasons" !!! ... and YES .. it was THE FIRST TIME girls were allowed to act in Mount's Season Play. I don't recall that there was a third woman apart from the two girls (who portrayed Margaret and Elizabeth,-Sir Thomas Moore's Daughter & Wife ... respectively). Not only were they both beautiful girls but their acting was SUPERB !!!! ...
Thank You Ladislao .. please give my regards to ALL ....give them my phone numbers and e-mail ... I would really love to meet them all again ... that is just a great way to enrich life !!!!
Please make these comments part of your next Report !!!!
Blessings to ALL
Rafael Echeverría
Here I am continuing the who is who, thanks to Roger Henderson:
10 Michael Farah works in Trinidad
God Bless
Listado: C20.xls
Photo : bebopalula, msb painting
Shall be sent to those that have ratified their addresses this year, please send a line if you have not done so, and I shall include photos in your emails.
Column: WVB cuba jotting
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Listado C20.xls
Names Form V Contact nicknames business address business phone e-mail
Date, Paul
Date, Robert 1962 Huggins
De Boembler, David 1957 roger Cow Spray
De Cambra, Raymond J.

De Castro, David

De Castro, Delano

De Gale, Steven
roger Goofy

De Leuze, Carl 1957


De Lima, Vernon
De Meillac, Jean
roger Jeanzie TT real estate

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