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Circular No 16

Caracas, 2 March 2002. Circular No. 16
Dear Friends,
I am glad to have received form Robert Huggins the following note.
I don't know if you know, but PG as he was fondly know as went on to complete his PhD in Sports training many years later. He then worked with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago as a Coach. PG passed away some years ago at a ripe old age. Can't remember how old, but some of the other past students might remember.
In this circular I am going to narrate my part in PG Wilson´s life.

If you look at the bottom of the photo that I have included in Circular No. 15, the dedication was signed in 1965, while my graduation year from, Form V, was in December 1960. This photo was given to me by PG in Washington D.C during my last year at the Catholic University of America. He stayed a couple of days there before going to a scholarship somewhere in the US, I do not remember those details but I do remember the bottle of good Fernandez rum he gave me and the photo that I still keep. At that time I was in the swimming team of the university where I noticed that scholarships were given to foreign coaches with good records, so after a while I made a comment to my swimming coach on PG´s situation.

Again by fortune I had stayed in letter contact with PG after I left the Mount, so I asked PG for his curriculum, which by the way he sent in hand writing, next I had to rewrite it in my portable typing machine. I am sorry that I did not keep the memorabilia of his hand writing and letters.
He was accepted and I met him in a Hotel next to the University, he was very excited and I presume all went well. From your writing he got the opportunity the he deserved and placed him in the position to continue to help others as he had done with us, thank God. I have still have fond remembrances of his person and coaching, since I was in track and field team, mainly Discus and Javelin.

I lost contact with him after that, as I left the US in July 1965 for Venezuela and started to work in an area where communications were not the best, and all I remember is that someone told me later that he had a TV programme in Trinidad.
Here I am continuing the who is who, thanks to Roger Henderson:
6. Malcolm Boyack has his own construction company in Trinidad
God Bless
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Listado C16.xls

Names Form V Contact nicknames business address Phone e-mail

Castells, Enrique

Aluminium 959 3568
Castillo, Ernest


Castro, Pablo 1959


Castro, Pedro

Caracas (212) 258 0467
Castro, Reinaldo 1958


Castro, Timienio 1959



Chadee, Edward
roger Big Lip

Chandler, Peter


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