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Circular No 18

Caracas, 16 of March 2002. Circular No. 18
Dear Friends,
Last 10th of March was the birthday of my daughter Victoria “Viki”, the reason for the slowing down of the last circular.
Also we were lucky to have Bertrand Piccard with us here in Caracas. I shall send you a photograph taken at Plaza Altamira where he did an interview for local TV with interviews and propaganda for the Swiss Embassy.
I am sending out a call to those who have not shown signs of having received any of these circulars. The practical reason is simple, I have difficulties in sending the circular to some addresses as these are reported to have errors or are undeliverable by the servers. Once they are returned they clutter my e.mail box, instead of cluttering the e.mail box of the recipient!!!. When my e.mail box gets full, the system gets blocked and I loose track of further information. Help!!!
I have copies of my past circulars for those that do not have e.mail these I can send it by FAX or snail mail. Check your files and tell me if you have some that have not arrived.
Another event that happened at the Mount, by Don Mitchell

Hi Ladislao,

I do remember the play. It was "A Man for All Seasons" written by the British playwright Robert Bolt. I do not remember all the roles or details. The year must have been 1962 or 1963. I believe that I played the part of the Duke of Norfolk, some sort of a judge at the trial of Moore, but it has been a long time and, though years later I saw the movie, I cannot remember for certain. M. J. de Verteuil played Moore with gusto and conviction, and Robert Azar, I believe, played the cowardly Richard Rich. Michael, I believe, played his competitor as Chancellor, Cardinal Wolsey. I cannot recall who played Henry VIII or Roper, the son in law, or the other parts.

For me, the most memorable thing about the play was that two lovely young women, a Fanfan and a Myling, played Moore's wife and daughter. I do not recall the school ever before having allowed girls to act in a school play. The two ladies were so lovely, I recall, that each evening when practice finished, all the windows of the school were stuffed with young male faces peering out for a glimpse of them as they got into the cars that came to collect them. They came from a convent in St Augustine to practice for several evenings after school. It must have been a terrifying experience for the two of them, but they carried it off with style and panache. I knew then and for all time that women were superior beings to men.

Names left right for the first photo:
Richard Clerk, Rafael Echeverria, J.Fernanadez, Miss Myling Achong, Michael J. de Verteuil, Miss A. Rostant, Peter Tang, Don Mitchell, Allan Apo, Micheal Azar. Squatting Robert Azar.
The following was taken from Mount Inside April 1964:

Sometime in May the curtain will once again go up as the College presents “A Man For All Seasons”; under the direction of Brother Oswald. The play is a study of the feud which rose between Sir Thomas More and King the Eight of England.

The part of King Henry, a rather crude young man; is fittingly taken by Paul Zeven, who we remember has acted in the last few plays. The part of More is taken by M.J. de Verteuil and that of the “Common Man” by R. Azar who seems at home in this type character. The Duke of Norfolk is played by D. Mitchell; Cromwell by M. Azar; William Roper, More´s son in law, by P.Tang; Richard Rich by R. Clerk; Cardinal Wolsey by J. Fernandez; and Archbishop Crammer becomes an American in A. Apo. The part of the Spanish Ambassador is portrayed by R. Echeverria and his attendant by N. Smith.

St. Joseph Convent has again provided for the female character. Alice, More´s wife, is played by A. Rostant; the woman, by P. Warfe; and Meg, More´s daughter by M. Achong.

Names left right for the second photo:
Robert Azar, Richard Clerk, Michael Azar, Don Mitchell, Allan Apo

As you can see there is a discrepancy on the names that I have and the recount in Mount Inside. King Henry or Paul Zeven , N. Smith the embassador´s attendant and Miss P. Warfe the other woman. I would like to correct the name list, who remembers.

Also it would be interesting to hear from the actors on this matter. Anyone knows the where abouts of any of the actors?? Their email address or FAX???.
Here I am continuing the who is who, thanks to Roger Henderson:
8. Jean de Meillac has just gone into real estate after heading up a radio station
God Bless
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