Saturday, April 06, 2002

Circular No 21

Caracas, 6 of April 2002. Circular No.21
Dear Friends,
Here is the sad story taken from a clipping in the Trinidad Express given to me by Gordon Mitchell. Those living in Trinidad must have read the news, but I know that those living overseas would like to know.
A Short note by Gordon Mitchell:
Hi, Ladislao,
I thought this would be of interest to the rest of the ex school mates. [See newspaper clipping. Ed.]
A Short note by Don Mitchell
Hi, Gordon,
Thanks for the clippings.  Now, if only I had 2 million to spare!!”
I would like you to comment on the photos that I send as there might be a story on all of them, write a line and be part of the news!!!!
Here I am continuing the who is where, thanks to Roger Henderson:
11. Gregory (not Geoffrey) Farfan is a leading insurance executive
God Bless
Listado: C21.xls
Photo: 020330 demolished
Shall be sent to those that have ratified their addresses this year, please send a line if you have not done so, and shall include photos in your emails.
HAVE YOU VISITED THE WEB SITE LATELY????, our all class msb web site., for inclusion in the listing., if you would like to be in the circular’s mailing list or any old boy that you would like to include.
Listado C21.xls
Names Form V Contact Nickname business address Phone e-mail
De Morvai, Peter 1962 kenrick
Judibana, Venezuela
De Pass, Phillip
De Verteuil, Alex
TT Pearl and Dean Advertising
De Verteuil, Daniel 1960
Elmo Ontario (613) 687 7222
De Verteuil, David 1960
Middle Bage Ontario
De Verteuil, Ian 1958

BC, Canada
De Verteuil, Jacques
De Verteuil, Maurice 1960
Small Bage Chemical Eng ont ca
De Verteuil, Michael

TT Living Waters
De Verteuil, Nicholas 1957 boos
TT VP, BHP Billiton
De Verteuil, Paul

Engineer profesional
De Verteuil, Raymond

Eastman Whipstock in 84
De Verteuil, Richard

De Verteuil, Robert
roger Nanny goat TT

De Verteuil, Roger

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