Saturday, April 20, 2002

Circular No 23

Caracas, 20 April 2002. Circular No. 23
Dear Friends,
Accompany me in my birthday with the traditional lines, Happy birthday LADISLAO!!!!.
The following lines came from Rafael Echeveria:

Norman Smith and myself .. together with my brother Gustavo and a Venezuelan friend Enrique Gomez .. formed a rock band in Mount (it was The Beatle's era) ... the band was called "Chains". There was also another band called "The Interpreters" with which I played for some time ... I played the bass-guitar ... as a matter of fact I still do ... I combine my professional practice as a lawyer (International Contracting Law in Oil Industry) with music and running ... I have already ran the New York Marathon TWICE ... the last time in November 2000... can you believe it ? ...
Now I have five children (My second granddaughter is due April 18th). Claudia my eldest daughter (the married one) and my son Rafael live in Florida . I have been a lawyer for 27 years now ... and I have met so many people around the world thanks to my professional practice. And I have lived a wonderful life !!! .... I have a beautiful wife and five great kids ... My profession has reached very satisfactory levels and I feel proud of my work in life ... now ... at 54 !!! ... I am now getting ready for some big business opportunities ... it is time to meet your old friends !!! ... they can be your best partners !!!!
As you must have guessed I send the wrong article from the mount, so here is last week´s article on the demolition issue.
As to last week´s article it is good to know that the installations for the beauty pageant were at our old School. The class of 1960 did not have the privilege to use the installations of the new dinning hall and the theatre area. If I am not mistaken class of 1962 inaugurated the building. Maybe some one can clarify this????.
Here I am continuing the who is where, thanks to Roger Henderson:
12. Jeffrey Gransaull is a pilot/captain with BWIA.
Roger must be very accurate as there has not been any requested changes on his one/two liners, but at the same time we cannot ascertain that these oldboys exist as there has been no report from any of them or any e-mail address forthcoming. Maybe someone can be so kind and confirm with a telephone number or even tell these oldboys about our Web site.
God Bless
Listado: C23.xls
Photo: Shall be sent to ratified addresses this year, please send a line if you have not done so, and shall include photos in your emails.
Article: 020330 demolished abbey
Column: wvb 020407 BETWEEN IRAQ

Listado C23.xls

Names Form V Contact nickname business address Phone e-mail
Du Boulay, Arthur (RIP)

Du Coudray, Federick

Dulieu, John 1966 gabby
Echeveria, Rafael 1967 pablo Cheche Maracaibo, Venezuela (216) 792 9794
Edward Watson

(868) 622 2679
Elias, Robert 1962

Evelyn, Trevor 1950 boos Terry Guyana

Fahay, R

Fakory, Derick

Fakory, Dion

Fakory, Richard
Fakoory, R


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