Saturday, September 21, 2002

Circular No 45

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. Caracas, 21 of September 2002. Circular No. 45
Dear Friends,

Here is a running commentary on Bro. Vincent, (Lionel Roberts, remember his
name?) between Glen Evelyn, John Gioannetti and your correspondent.
Sent: Sunday, 15 September, 2002 10:36 AM

As you can see I moused my gifted dyslexic friend John in the hope of persuading him to sharpen his finger and help me with some dribble, trivia and maybe even some good humor.
He is a little more learn'd from reading all those books at Mt. I'm sure that between us we can do the humming bird (fly backwards) and recall some misery.
P.S. I could not remember how to spell the green and white house below.
Sent: Saturday, 9/14/2002 07:30 PM

Dear Glen,
I would like you to include additional paragraphs on Bro. Vincent for the msb old boys.
I am in dire need for articles!!!!
In your 8 June 2002 letter you wrote John Gioannetti and me:

Well, lets open another door on yesterday. The subject of this letter is to honour another of heaven's favours to small boys with stick out ears.
Brotherhood to me is a word that means Vincent a great-hearted man always fu' o' care. He slipped his foot many times ( walking up and down the mountain to and from the playing field) but never his tongue. Out of the three houses (Laurence, Anthony and Francis) he appeared to favour mine which was the colour of his race. Questionable??? Even though he stole away from the white robe, I was pleased to see the picture of him with his companion dressed in white. The Abbey School of these days is a collection of emails. Be kind and drop Ladislao a line.
From: John Gioannetti
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 15:21:51
To: Glen Evelyn

That wont stop u guzzling the vodka will it.
Are we talking about Br. Vincent who was there in 60's and 70's?
If him, when I came back to Trinidad about 3 years ago, I went to look for him. I heard from Cutty that he had left the priesthood. Cutty said that he was married with a family and lived in Miami, doing work with drug abuse kids.
I was extremely fond of him. His family was from Guayaguare / past Mayaro on East Coast.
Many times when riding up there I would bounce him up when he was on Holidays.
Does any one have a contact e-mail for him..................
If its him, I can only remember that he was an exceptionally nice man. He always had time to talk to you and not down to you. He was always willing to be a friend when I felt that I had no friends at Mount. He never judged you, he would give you his opinion straight if u asked for it, but he would not push his views down your throat.
I do not think I can recall him ever losing his cool once, Rosendal, a Surinamese boy tried to stab him with a fork in the refectory. He was no wimp and could have chewed Rosendal up with out even breaking a sweat, but he held back. Other than a fantastic person and a friend, I can't remember any specifics.
Are we talking about the same guy?
Bro. Vincent was a man, he never bullshitted you. He would discipline you if you deserved it, but fair, and he did not hold grudges. I have only the
highest admiration for him.
Now would you like me to tell you about the snakes?????????????????
From: Glen Evelyn
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 17:44:18
To: Ladislao Kertesz

This week was difficult as I had to lay off 15 workers with families because of the down turn in activity. I am going to Russia tomorrow to do a job and when I return in one month I will also be transferred out of Venezuela. The Company has not told me where but I will keep in touch. As for Bro Vincent I can't recall much but Salvador Coscarat was his good friend. Drop him a line.
Continuing the Who is Where, thanks to Roger Henderson:

31. Gerard Arneaud was or is living in Germany, but I haven't seen or spoke to him in 20 or 30 years.
He seems to be in TT but I tried to contact his family but no luck, maybe some one can help. It would be nice if anyone that know our weekly Who is Where Alumnus, would give us an update and puts us in contact with him, or at least call him up and give him the WEB page.

God Bless

Listado: C45 .xls
Photos: glen y guitarra
Guitarra1 collection

For information only: Glen´s hobby is to make guitars. He made all the guitars that you saw in the photo, these and many more that have been given away as gifts, (maybe some that have been sold???). So you rock musicians and fans, no need to look further!!! Rafael make your move, he is having a house clearance when he gets back from Russia.

Column: 020804 wvb preparing a regime


Listado C45.xls
Names Form V Contact Nickname business address business phone e-mail
Lloyd, Edward 1962 roger
Aberdeen, Scotland,
Lloyd, Maurice
BC canada,
Lockart, Clive

Look, Pat (RIP)

Lopes, Benedict J.
Toronto, Ontario
Lopes, John

Lopez, Eugene

Lopez, Jesus

Lorenzo, Richard

Loria-Yonepan, David glen


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