Saturday, November 30, 2002

Circular No 55

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

Caracas, 30 of November 2002. Circular No. 55
Dear Friends, now a few lines from Roland d'Abadie.
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 11:40:16 -0400


Michael Howard, one of my many cousins who attended "The Abbey School", was good enough to recently send me some information about the Mount and now I must thank you for placing my name on the mailing list and bringing back many faded memories of days long past.

The Mount has many memories for me although I was only there for a few short years and left prior to graduation. My younger brother Bernard attended after I left, my sister worked with the addicts that used our old dorms after the school was closed and my Dad died at the old age home. The de Verteuils featured in the "recent photo's" are cousins and living here in Canada, and Richard and Randall Galt were also classmates of mine, just to name a few. The student list also reminded me of many names and memories that were tucked away in my memory bank.

While looking through the recent photo's, I also came across one of Pedro Castro, one of the three Castro brothers who were there during my day. Do you have any news of Timieno? He was a good friend and classmate. The last I heard, several years ago, was that he was living in Caracas.

I could go on forever but this is a starting point. Having left Trinidad in 1960 for Jamaica and then moving to Canada, trips to Trinidad have not been frequent and crossing paths with old friends, much too infrequent.

Unfortunately, I have no photo's to share of my days at the Mount but many pleasant memories. Playing soccer, cricket, volley ball, boy scouts "squirrel patrol" singing in the choir etc.

Thanks for the memories and yes I received circular No. 48 this morning.

All the best

Roland d'Abadie
Toronto, Canada
e-mail (
I would like to ask forgiveness from my collaborators regarding the date that their resume or story is published. I do not have a system that places articles in line, it is just my mismanagement keeps the order random.

I would like to ask Roland to keep his cousins informed of the web page and the circulars.

Also I would like to get the year of the would have graduated Form V date of all MSB boys that left early, as this way I can group the classmates together.

As you mentioned that your classmates were Richard and Randal, then you would have graduated in 1960, my graduation date. Your cousin Michael Howard
is 1960 also. Please confirm.

Those that sent emails inquiring about the circular, please do not worry, I had lots of work these two week. I promise, you are going to be informed the day I quit making these circulars.

God Bless

Listado: C55.xls
Photo: pmy 1 150 10cm
msb Dont be cruel 72 8
Column: 021117 wvb: islands in the stream


Listado C55.xls

Names Form V Contact nicknames business address Phone, e-mail
Pampellone, Gerald 1959 date

Partridge, Michael Todd

PatiƱo, Jose

Paul, Fr. OSB, Teacher lk

Pazos, Carlos

Peacock, Ian

980 24964
Pecquet, Jean Claude


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