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Circular No 47

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. Caracas,
5 of October 2002. Circular No. 47

Dear Friends now something from Guyana:
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 09:33:31 -0300

HI my name is Simone Vieira and I am married to Anthony Vieira's brother Eddie....don't know how I ended up with your email but I did....they are all home numbers ... will find their email addresses and send them on to you saw you were looking for a Clive Vieira ... I think he lives in Canada ...sometimes I get FWs with his name on it will send on to you when they come again..........Terry John is an uncle and lives next door to me .....
If you can´t get through to them on the phone, email me letters to them with your contact address etc. and I will have them delivered to their homes............
From: Tony Vieira
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 06:31:59 -0700

Cheers Ladislao,

I have been given an email which I found quite astonishing, after all of these years, imagine a couple of old mount boys attempting to communicate with each other.

I have virtually lost track with everyone, we came from every part of the compass anyway didn't we? I did go back to the Mount in 2000 August and found that the school no longer existed, and was now a rehabilitation facility for drug users, the pool was empty, the field and tennis courts were unkept, there were huge gates presumably to keep the druggies in, so I did not even get the opportunity to walk around the place. Just as well perhaps, it was depressing enough to see the place in that condition, my new born baby was very sick at the time and she was in the Mount Hope Hospital so I went into to the Abbey to say a prayer, they have kept that well, I ran into this old priest Father Benedict [says that they named the place after him??] he told my wife that he used to teach me science, but I did not make the connection until we were driving down the hill, then the old bulb came on "of course" I said to my wife Jewel "Father Voosh". Over the years I have met Joe Azar, Puds Laquis and Brendon Gurley. 

I go to Trinidad quite frequently now, two, three times a year. I have a business association with Ken Gordon CCN and I have a friend Dr. Omar Khan who is head of the radiology department at Mt. Hope hospital.
Does anyone know where Edward Lloyd is? he was the closest thing approaching a friend I had at the place and Enrique Manuel Castells where is he? and what happened to Joel Guy Blandin?

I am very interested in what you are doing and I would be very happy to take part. Let me know if I can help in any way.

As far as the scout band is concerned I think that I vaguely remember most of the boys especially Stephen Clark, Pablo Figuera, Manuel Prada and Nigel Boos, Boos I remember for his name it is such an unusual one.

Tony Vieira.
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 20:44:39 -0700

Cheers Ladislao,
I got your circular, brought back a lot of old memories, I have only recently found you guys but surely the mount must have, somewhere in their archives, some photos of the school and the results of sports activities graduation classes etc, I remember father Eugene and some other priest even putting in a photo lab on the hill above the refectory, so there must be a lot of photos around, have you tried to determine what happened to the abbey school's photo archives?
Continuing the Who is Where, I need some more two liners!!!

32. Gregory Farfan: I don't have a number for him, and I don't remember the insurance co. He will be in the T&T phone book.

My project, to round up the Form V boys of Class 1959 is moving ahead with the following old boys missing: Donald Charles, Gokool, Ronald, Serrette, Irwin, Chin, Ronald, Richard and Randal Galt.
Some of the names Richard and Randal Galt, might been have been but they graduated in 1960. Of course there were cases of oldboys repeating one of the Form years, which causes confusion.
And before I close, a short note from Salvador Coscarart:
Dear Mr Tony Johnson, I just found out about the ABBEY SCHOOL web site. It is fantastic, as I browsed thru it and with tears in my eyes I leapt back in time at the mount.

My name is SALVADOR COSCARART. I attended the Abbey School in 1967 to 1975, as well as my brother Pedro Coscarart.

I now reside in Bristol Louisiana U.S.A. My phone # (337) 668-4595
My e-mail addresses:, and Salco56

I have been wanting to know about what happened to the Abbey School, its faculty and students. I am originally from Cumana, Venezuela. I am now a citizen of the United States.

Married to Gina Beaugh of Eunice Louisiana, we have three children, Jonathan 20, Lander 18, Ansley Nicole 17.

Best wishes Salvador Coscarart.
You have noticed that I am a few days late, I am glad that you have showed interest on this unusual delay, thank you for expressing your worry.

In the attached photoI need names, this is a photo sent by Christian Goddard, can you help????

God Bless

Listado: C47 .xls
Photos: Bro.Vincent CG etc.
13 central bank
Column: 020818 At a New England


Listado C47.xls

Names Form V Contact Nickname business address business phone e-mail

Marconi, Franco

Marin, Carlos Julio

Marin, Juan

Marini, Giovanni
Markus, Kitty Teacher

(868) 663 1173 Mt.St.Benedict St.Peters Home for the Aged

Marquez, Bruce

Martin, David

Martin, Fr. 1958 maurice


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