Saturday, May 18, 2002

Circular No 27

Caracas, 18 of May 2002. Circular No. 27
Dear Friends,
The following message was received from: Paul de la Bastide
I attended The Abbey School from 1958 through 1963 (or thereabouts) as a day scholar.
The old memories remain:
Lifting Mr Lionel Tyrell's old Morris 8 automobile and carrying it up the steps to the lower classroom landing hallway. (He never found out who did this but we all got flogged anyway).
Do you remember "Toots"? We used to spray ink on the back of his suit when he walked by in the isle of the classroom.
I really felt sorry that we all did this. Poor fella.
Then there was the freshman initiation as a new student started school, they had to be thrown into the bougainvillea hedge with all the thorns. ouch. That really hurt for days after.
Smoking in the bathrooms and getting caught every time.
Throwing the compass point at the blackboard while the teacher had his back turned.
And the Dean of Discipline....I was in his office every day it seemed like getting my ass caned.
(Amongst all of this, I managed to get an education somehow.)
I now live in the USA and would really like to get info from time to time., however you won't be able to fax me because it will be a long distance call for you.
Is it anyway possible that you can e-mail stuff to: ??
I used to hang out with the Costello's, Rostant's, Russell Cuhna, Gregory Farfan, Bruce Hutton, The Kirtons and de Pass boys, so that should clue you in to my era (now 53).
I have been asking around for while now as to what ever happened to The Abbey School and all it's records. Do they have a web site that I can go to and do research on old student lists?
Let me know your response.
Please keep in touch
Continuing the Who is Where, thanks to Roger Henderson:
16. Harry Laughlin works in Trinidad. Good friend of Roger Ames
I noticed that very few of us have contacts with their classmates, the question is not that if we are negligent but in most cases we have forgotten the names. I can say that for myself, I can say that I knew the names of my class mates when I was at school but only remembered with certainty only half of them after forty years. Also I cannot remember the names of my University classmates. But it is nice to be able to recall some names after you read them from the Excel listing or the web page, slowly one recalls the crazy things we did.
I would like your comments!!!!
This weeks photo is for those that remember the airplanes that spent time close to us every day, while training. Also a question that Gabby gave us som time ago!!
God Bless
Listado: C27.xls
Photo: Viscount
Shall be sent to ratified addresses this year, please send a line if you have not done so, and shall include photos in your emails.

Listado C27.xls

Names Form V Contact Nickname business address Phone, e-mail
Gaffney, Peter

Galt, Randal 1960 lk Swami
(868) 678 7323
Galt, Richard 1960 tony Turtleback
Gangoo, Roy

Garcia, Edward
roge Dayboy

Garcia, Ignacio
roger Belzeebub

Garcia, Johnny

Gibson, Peter
jon pettle TT

Gillezeau, R

Gioannetti, Gerald
jon jinx

Gioannetti, John
Furniture MDCUM, Lot 6-8 Trincity TT (868) 662 4496 (868) 662 4435
Gioannetti, Roger 1962 gioannetti

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