Saturday, May 04, 2002

Circular No 25

Caracas, 4 of May 2002. Circular No. 25
Dear Friends,
I am a bit late with this one but we had a farewell party last night for a sister in law that left is leaving for Miami, Florida today. Usually I sent this on Saturday afternoon so that you might be able to read it in the evening.
Please bear with me those that have written to confirm their email address, as I shall answer as soon as possible, my policy is to answer each of you. Thank you before hand for the good wishes and longevity for the circulars (or is it the writer)!!.
Do not forget to visit our, (your) web page, an all class msb web site, since last week it has an update date attached with the areas where these were made to facilitate the browsing. Check it out!!!
Now down to business, here is what Rafael Echeverria wrote, and I would like to share with you:
Ladislao .. you have made me evoke the happiest days of my life !!! ... Please send my regards to all ... specially Don Mitchell ... can you forward this mail to him ? ... I hope he remembers me. Perhaps they all recall me as "Che-Ché" .. that was the nickname everybody called me by. Echeverría was too long to pronounce .. and difficult ... I took a lot of teasing in Mount for that .. from Baby Joe specially ... you meet all kinds of people in this life ... don´t you ? ... I suppose that's what Mount meant for a lot of us !!!!
Now I have five children (My second granddaughter is due April 18th). Claudia my eldest daughter (the married one) and my son Rafael live in Florida. I have been a lawyer for 27 years now ... and I have met so many people around the world thanks to my professional practice. And I have lived a wonderful life !!! .... I have a beautiful wife and five great kids ... My profession has reached very satisfactory levels and I feel proud of my work in life ... now ... at 54 !!! ... I am now getting ready for some big business opportunities ... it is time to meet your old friends !!! ... they can be your best partners !!!!
Thank You Ladislao .. please give my regards to ALL ....give them my phone numbers and e-mail ... I would really love to meet them all again ... that is just a great way to enrich life !!!!
Please make these comments part of your next Report !!!!
Blessings to ALL
Rafael Echeverría
Continuing the Who is Where, thanks to Roger Henderson:
14. Ronald Lambkin lives in Nova Scotia
This section of the circular lacks of newcomers!!!, you do not expect me to believe that outside Roger Henderson all of you have cut all the links with your msb school friends!!!
You might ask if I do not have any stories or short notes??. I am hoping to start brainstorming once the rainy season starts for a lighting of ideas. Meanwhile I expect that you would collaborate so that I may concentrate in organizing these circulars and the local Venezuelan group.
God Bless
Listado: C25.xls
Photo: msb markus
The photos shall be sent to those that have ratified their addresses this year, please send a line if you have not done so, and I shall include photos in your emails.
Column: wvb 020428 Hannibal and all that


Listado C25.xls

Names Form V Contact nickname business address Phone, e-mail
Fedak, Matias 1960
Fedak, Urban 1958 maurice
Ferguson, Duncan
Lakeland, Florida

Ferguson, Peter
Lakeland, Florida

Ferguson, Stan
boos Shaves Lakeland, Florida

Fernandez, J

Ferreira, Barry

Ferreira, Brent
Ferreira Furnature + Uphustery Center (868) 625 6408
Ferreira, Nigel

Ferreira, R

Ferreira, Terrence

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